2 4 dichlorobenzoyl chloride

2,4-DICHLOROBENZOYL CHLORIDE FOR SYNTHESIS - Find MSDS or SDS, a COA, data sheets and more information. 2,6-Dichlorobenzoyl chloride · Formula: C7H3Cl3O · Molecular weight: · IUPAC Standard InChI: InChI=1S/C7H3Cl3O/c(9)6(4)7(10)11/hH Copy · IUPAC. 2,4-Dichlorobenzoyl Chloride is a reactant used in the synthesis of aroyl(sulfamoylphenyl)thiourea derivatives as lipoxygenase inhibitors. Not a dangerous. 2,6-Dichlorobenzoyl Chloride STORE IN A COOL, DRY PLACE: Keep tightly closed. Documentation. Specifications. 2,4-Dichlorobenzoyl chloride ; CAS No: ; C ; H ; Cl ; Contact Us. Biosynth Ltd. 2,4 – Dichloro Benzoyl Chloride` C7H3Cl3O. g/mol. Section 3 – Hazards Identification. SPECIAL INDICATION OF HAZARDS TO HUMANS AND. 2,4-Dichlorobenzoyl chloride was used in the synthesis of thioesters of 4-chlorobenzoate and 2,4-dichlorobenzoate. Request For Best Deal. Company Information.

2,4-dichlorobenzoyl chloride · General information · Classification & Labelling & PBT assessment · Manufacture, use & exposure · Physical & Chemical properties. 2,4-DICHLOROBENZOYL CHLORIDE. Home; / Products; / 2,4-DICHLOROBENZOYL CHLORIDE. Select by Category. 2,4-Dichlorobenzoyl chloride2,4-Dichlorobenzoyl chloride. CAS Number: Country: Frankfurt. DCGI Registered: No. Add to inquiry.

2,4-Dichlorobenzoyl Chloride ; Purity / Analysis Method, >%(T) ; Molecular Formula / Molecular Weight, C7H3Cl3O = ; Physical State (20 deg.C), Liquid. 2,4-Dichlorobenzoyl chloride | C7H3Cl3O | CID - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature. A method for synthesizing the 2,4-dichlorobenzoyl chloride belongs to a field of intermediate synthesis of the compound, including catalyzing the 2.

2,4-Dichlorobenzoyl chloride (2,4-DCBC) is an essential organic compound. It presents itself as a colorless to yellowish liquid, displaying solubility in. 2,4-Dichlorobenzoyl chloride ≥98% ; MW: ,46 g/mol ; Boiling Pt: °C (34 mmHg) ; Melting Pt: 16 20 °C ; Density: 1, ; Flash Pt: °C ( °F). 2,4-Dichlorobenzoyl chloride. CAS Number: Empirical formula: C7H3Cl3O. Weight: , Chemical Formula 2-Chlorobenzaldehyde. CAS-No:

Product Details of [ ] ; Formula: C7H3Cl3O · Boiling Point: ; Linear Structure Formula: , InChI Key: N/A ; M.W: g/mol, Pubchem ID: 2,4 dichloro benzoyl chloride · Buy 2,4 dichloro benzoyl chloride from Simson Pharma Limited at best competitive price. · Simson Pharma provides best quality 2,4. 2,4-dichlorobenzoyl chloride Catalog Id: MM IUPAC:2,4-Dichlorobenzoylchloride CAS Number: Formula: C7H3Cl3O SMILES: ClC(=O)C1=C(Cl)C=C(Cl)C=C1. Structure. Catalog No. QB Name, 2,4-Dichlorobenzoyl chloride. Alt. name. CAS number, Related CAS. MFCD number, MFCD

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2,4-Dichlorobenzoyl chloride, 98% 50g · Email · Print. 2,4-Dichlorobenzoyl Chloride, G - DG - PROPERTIES - Purity: Min. (T) Size: G Unit: EA Molecular Formula/Molecular Weight: C7H3Cl3O= 2,4‐DICHLOROBENZYL CHLORIDE Extra Pure · a,2,4-Trichlorotoluene · Physical Properties · Packings · Specifications · Safety Information and Hazard Symbols. 2,4-Dichlorobenzoyl chloride Hydrolyzed by water or moisture producing gaseous and aqueous hydrogen chloride; Causes burns and lachrymation; Inhalation may. 2,4-Dichlorobenzoyl chloride ; Molecular Formula: C7H3Cl3O ; Inchi: InChI=1S/C7H3Cl3O/c(7(10)11)6(9)/hH ; InChkey: CEOCVKWBUWKBKA-. The full spectrum can only be viewed using a FREE account. ; 2,4-DICHLOROBENZOYL CHLORIDE · Eastman Organic Chemicals, Rochester, New York · C · Copyright © Chemical Name: 2,4-Dichlorobenzoyl chloride. Smiles: ClC(C1=C(Cl)C=C(Cl)C=C1)=O. Inchi: InChI=1S/C7H3Cl3O/c(7(10)11)(5)9/hH. Application: 2,4-Dichlorobenzoyl chloride was used in the synthesis of thioesters of 4-chlorobenzoate and 2,4-dichlorobenzoate. 2,4-Dichlorobenzoyl chloride (2,4-DCBC) is an organic compound with the chemical formula C7H3Cl2O. It is a colorless to yellowish liquid, soluble in most. 2,4-dichloro-benzoyl chloride · Molecular Formula: C7H3Cl3O · Element System: C-Cl-H-O · CAS-RN: · InChI: InChI=1S/C7H3Cl3O/c(7(10)11)6(9)/hH.
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